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Exercise is often the first bit of advice any doctor will give you if you are struggling with sexual health issues. The reason for this common suggestion by medical health professionals the world around is that there are many benefits of exercising towards increasing testosterone and your sexual health.

Here are the top benefits of working out at the gym for your testosterone levels:

Weight Control:

Obesity is one of the main causes that affect the testosterone levels in men. If you are overweight, ensure to have a good exercise routine to enhance the testosterone levels by getting rid of all the extra fat in your body.

weight loss and testosterone

Muscle Mass & Bone Density:

As men age, the testosterone levels automatically face a dip and you lose out on the energy levels. However, exercise offers immense health benefits especially older men which help to enhance the overall bone density and muscle health and better body balance.


Testosterone levels are at the peak during morning hours and lowest during afternoon hours. These levels are varying throughout the day. However, as per research bodybuilding workouts helps to boost your testosterone levels in the evening. Therefore your exercise session plays a vital role to boost the testosterone levels.

Improved Endurance:

Research further has proved that bodybuilding sessions during the evening time has a better effect on your testosterone levels in the evening. This helps to boost your exercise at the gym and sexual activity in bed.

Your Overall Fitness Levels:

If your body is not in proper shape, by making use of exercising, you get a boost to your testosterone levels to get your body in good shape. Your body learns to be challenged and will respond to the testosterone levels in a positive manner.

Exercise And Testosterone

All types of exercise help to boost the testosterone levels. Endurance training as well as strength training, both of these help to boost the testosterone levels. By lifting weight or doing any other sort of strength training workouts there is a higher effect on your testosterone levels. You need to be sure of the holistic exercise plan which is inclusive of strength training and cardio which helps towards enhancing your body flexibility as well. This helps to boost your testosterone levels as well as your overall health.

How Exercise Can Help Increase Testosterone Levels